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Steps for adding citations, abstracts, and full-text (if available):

1. Click on “Create New”.

2. Enter the full citation in the title box, and copy and paste the abstracts in the main box.

3. Click “Add Media” and upload the electronic full-text of the article (if available), then click “Insert”; format the title of the document as needed.

4. Before saving your new post, make sure the select your category (below).

5. Save your new post.

Steps to add a link to your Bibliography citation in your individual project bibliography and literature review:

1. Click on the citation in the main Bibliography.

2. Copy the link.

3. Open the post in which you want to link the citation by clicking the “Edit” button.

4. Highlight the bibliographic citation and click on the link symbol above.

5. Paste the URL in the box.

6. Save.

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