What is the “Virtual Lab”?

This site was created to provide students enrolled in “Cognition of Music Rhythm” with a learning, working, and sharing platform that simulates a lab environment. Click here for a copy of the current syllabus.

The Forum page is used as a blog for discussions on course-related topics, including assigned readings. Postings on upcoming events and new published research can be found on the News & Events page. The Library page houses an archive of students’ final projects and two wikis: an annotated bibliography of landmark and more recent studies, and a glossary of important terms and concepts. The Resources page provides a portal to online resources (blogs, labs, links, online experiments, tools, etc.) relevant to the study of musical rhythm, and all students are invited to share their best finds. Finally, both the Group Projects and Individual Projects pages provide step-by-step instructions for these projects as well as links to private group-specific sites (group projects) and work-in-progress (individual projects).


– Go to the “Virtual Lab” menu above and select “Dashboard”…

– In the left side menu, go to “Users” and select “Your Profile”…

– In the “Display name publicly as” box, select the option that displays your full name in the first + last name format…

– Click “Update Profile.”


*The original contents of this site were contributed by the students of MUSI 009 (Spring 2010): Moses Balian, Christopher Chow, Paul Cohen, Alyssa Denning, Colin Dueck, Timothy Gladding, Mike Jin, Kevin Lai, Jonathan Liang, Casey Rhyne, Zachary Simao, and Ishan Sinha.

*Additional content was contributed by the students of CGSC/MUSI 358 (Spring 2013): Gideon Broshy, Harrison Davis, Julian De Freitas, Jenner Fox, Catherine Jameson, Leah Latterner, Daniel Rigberg, Alexander Roth, Kevin Sherwin, Robert Strebendt, and Stephanie Tubiolo.

*Additional content was contributed by the students of MUSI 905 (Fall 2013): Stefanie Acevedo, Stephen Guerra, Julia Hosch, Christopher Lettie, Greta Parnes, Andrew Schartmann, and Peter Selinsky.

*Additional content is currently being contributed by the students of CGSC/MUSI 358 (Fall 2014): Ryan Davis, Angelica Fuentes, Jordan Schroeder, Geneviève Simmons, and Kyle Yoder.