Divergence Press

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A new online, open access, peer-reviewed journal and resource hub for contemporary music based at the Centre for Research in New Music (CeReNeM) at the University of Huddersfield.

The journal is dedicated to research on current practices in composition, performance, sound art, music and the moving image, and other cross-artform work. Topics include but are not exclusive to: ontologies of music, indeterminacy in performance, noise, sound spatialisation, philosophies of time, listening cultures, intercultural exchange and multi-disciplinarity in the arts.

The resources ection of the website contains videos of talks, interviews, and performances as well as scores with audio links and lecture papers.

Vijay Iyer, Jazz Pianist

Vijay Iyer is a jazz pianist (he studied math and physics at Yale!!) and music cognition/perception PhD, but grew up playing classical violin. His music is really interesting rhythmically, including polyrhythms and complicated patterns. About rhythm, he says ”The way we perceive rhythm is by imagining ourselves moving, or another body moving in the same way…There is really a primal connection between music and the body. We tend to think of music as something we come to — I think the real insight that this concept brings to us is that music is us.”

Here’s the NPR story!

Fondazione Mariani

Italian organization devoted to child neurology. On the the major research topic is “neuromusic” and you can sign up to receive periodic listings of new published research (Neuromusic News).