Final Deadlines & Feedback – Updated!

Today was our last regular class meeting. I will be available for online and email feedback as well as for individual meetings throughout the Reading period and until our scheduled Final exam period (Wednesday, December 17 @ 9:00 AM). Please allow at least 48hrs for response to email queries. I will review posting on the Virtual Lab periodically, but if you need feedback more urgently, you can always send me a note via email, with a link to the posting you want me to take a look at.

The updated individual project final presentation instructions and sample structured abstracts reports from previous offerings of the course have been posted on the corresponding pages of the Virtual Lab.

Remember that your completed structured abstract for the group project is due on Thursday, December 11 (end of Reading period); he final structured abstract should be posted on your Virtual Lab’s group project page. In addition to the structured abstract, I would like you to submit an offline copy of your Qualtrics survey (e.g., PDFs or screenshots), copies of your original stimuli (Group 1 only; please label each stimuli condition with an informative file name), and a copy of your data files (with data analysis details, if applicable). This will facilitate my review process as well as provide samples for future offerings of this class. Please send the requested materials as a single .zip folder and include a PDF version of the structured abstract report.