Individual Project Progress Report

The specific focus of my individual project is to determine whether the known effects of music therapy on dyslexia in children are results of merely improved timing skills or of learning music as a topic area in general.  To determine this, I plan to run an experiment in which dyslexic children will be divided into different treatment groups – timing group, music group, and art group – and improvement after a year of the treatment will be observed.  In the timing group, my goal is to enhance the children’s timing skills without using music.  To do this, I am thinking about using video games or sport skills, such as throwing and catching a ball.  I will try to find sources that detail increased timing skill and perhaps give a specific technique or program that has been proven to enhance temporal skills.  In the music group, children will actively learn music by listening to music, learning rhythms, learning basic notation, and other simple music skills.  The arts group will provide a control and will involve the children learning to use different mediums of art and making art projects.  I also plan to contact a prominent researcher on the topic of language deficiencies and music, Katie Overy, to see if she knows of any other helpful sources or could provide any insights or advice.  My next steps involve deciding on the details of the experiment and locating any more sources that may contribute to my topic.