Assignment due Thursday, December 4

1. Group project: Write as much as possible of the structured abstract report. Sections 1 and 2 should be easy to fill-in now. Decide how the work will be divided between group members. Remember that each student should contribute equally and that all students are required to contribute at least one sub-section in the results section. To facilitate the collaborative writing, I suggest that you copy and paste the structured abstract report template on your group project page. Remember to save a copy on your personal computer as you are working on it. The completed report will due Thursday, December 11 (end of Reading period). To make sure this goal is achieved, all data collection should be completed and groups should plan to meet to format the data and divide up the remaining work at the latest by this Friday, December 5.

2. Individual project: Write a short summary of today’s progress report and post it on your individual project page. In the spirit of collaborative learning, take some time to read your colleagues’ newest posts and post comments/suggestions/questions. You should also follow-up on the individual feedback/suggestions you got today. I will post specific requirement for the final presentations later this week.