FINAL STEP: Structured Abstract

A structured abstract is one of a few standard formats used in the publication of conference proceedings. It is a great way to share findings with the community. To facilitate your writing of this abstract, I have prepared a template (posted on this page) that contains the basic instructions on how to do it. You can work directly on the template by posting it on your group project page; a document copy of the abstract is available here.

As each student will be graded individually, it is very important that you subdivide the work evenly between group members and that authors write their names in square brackets at the end of each section they contribute.

Structured abstract must be completed at the latest by Thursday, December 11 (end of Reading period), but as much of the work can be completed in advance of doing the data analysis, you are required to complete the writing of sections 1 and 2 by Thursday, December 4, 11:30 AM (class time).


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