Upcoming assignments – Updated!

Here are the most pressing tasks at hand:

1. Individual Projects: If you have not posted your re-formulated question and the citations & abstracts of the new sources you have identified on your individual project page yet (as detailed in no. 2, d. of the last assignment post on the “This Week” page), please do so as soon as possible. Students are encouraged to review collegues’ postings and add comments/questions as needed.

2. Group Projects: It is imperative that your survey/experiment on Qualtrics be tested as soon as possible. Most of the data collection will have to happen over the break, so if it is at all possible, put in the final necessary changes and email me the links so that we can run the study within the class. Once you have ascertained that everything is working the way you intend it to and that data is being recorded in a readable format, you can start sending out calls for participation. If you send them to me, I will be happy to pass them along to colleagues at other institutions. (Jordan & Geneviève: Because of the pre-processing involved in your experiment, my advise would be to run this pilot with any of the excerpts you are planning to include. You can replace the sound clips after you make your final choice and then just test the revised version yourself before making it “live”.)

The final deadline for making your study live and sending invitations to participate is Monday, December 1, 11:59 PM. This will give you only a few days to collect data and analyze it if you want to complete your structured abstract by the end of classes on Friday, December 5. Structured abstracts must be completed at the latest by the end of Reading period on Thursday, December 11. Instructions on writing the structured abstract are available here.

Note that much of the writing can be done before all the data is collected and analyzed. Thus, as an incentive, you are required to complete the writing of sections 1 and 2 by Thursday, December 4, 11:30 AM.

Have a nice Thanksgiving!