First Draft of Qualtrics Survey

Here is a link to a preview of our study;

We’re still figuring out several pieces of the survey, such as which songs will actually be included, how to properly randomize the songs in the way we want them presented, and an operational definition of “groove”, among some other small detail, but in general this is how the study will look.

One thought on “First Draft of Qualtrics Survey

  1. We’re also on the verge of sending Mike Laurello our stimuli, for him to distribute to other School of Music students, with these instructions:

    Please identify the number of salient beat levels or subdivisions in each clip of music that can be divided into simple ratios, such as how half notes can be divided into quarter notes, quarter notes into eighth notes, and so on. The salience of each beat or pulse level will be up to your subjective judgment, but we ask that you take care not to use your musical training to find subdivisions which aren’t clearly present in the music. Please also identify the most salient beat level, the one that you feel is most present and fits the clip best. Feel free to use tapping and movement to discern these beat levels. And thank you so much!

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