Simple Rhythms Template

Here is a sample of the simple rhythms for our group experiment. I apologize for any fuzziness in the image and will figure that out soon! All the rhythms contain 12 beats (either 4 bars of 3/4 or 3 bars of 4/4) using only 8ths, quarters, half notes and dotted half notes. There are no syncopations. The altered versions are found directly underneath their initial “inspiration” and are hopefully subtle changes. I made alterations in two ways: by either changing a single note value (ex: a quarter note becoming two 8ths, etc) or by flipping a rhythmic cell (ex: two 8ths and a quarter becoming a quarter and two 8ths, etc). The alternate versions will always be presented in the identical tempo as the original.



2 thoughts on “Simple Rhythms Template

  1. One question:

    Are you planning to add any kind of accent to clarify the meter, i.e., intensity accent? Of course, this could be considered an additional variable, but I think an argument could be made that without it, the stimuli lack in ecological validity. However, it might be that the quantization for human-like performance Mike will select will already have some form of meter-based differentiation, in which case you would not need to worry about this, only inform readers in the report.

  2. Another note,

    To avoid having too many variables, I strongly suggest that you use only one time signature, i.e., 4/4. If there is no accentuation at all (either by intensity or through the quantization), then 3/4 and 4/4 may or may not be perceived as different (as a test: perform your 3/4 patterns as if they were in 4/4 and see if that works).

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