Assignment due Tuesday, November 11

REMEMBER that there will be no class meeting on Thursday, November 6, due to the annual conference of the American Musicological Society (AMS) and the Society for Music Theory (SMT), which is taking place in Milwaukee, WI. You are strongly encouraged to use class time (and space) to work on your experimental design.

This week will be devoted to implementation, with the goal of stating to collect data the following week. Read the posting for STEP 5, which includes contact information as well as supplementary materials (e.g., Honing & Ladinig on strategies to run successful online experiments).

Also, I strongly recommend that you post preliminary materials on your group project’s section of the course blog (e.g., test questions, description of stimuli for participants, instructions, debriefing information, etc.). That way, I will be able to provide feedback (I will have access to the internet while at the conference).

Good luck!