Assignment for Tuesday & Thursday, November 4 & 6

Remember that there will be no regular class meeting on Thursday, November 6, due to the annual conference of the American Musicological Society (AMS) and the Society for Music Theory (SMT), which is taking place in Milwaukee, WI. HOWEVER, you are strongly encouraged to meet with your group to continue your work on experimental design; you may use the class space or meet in any place that is convenient for the work that needs to be done.

During Tuesday’s class meeting, we will review some methodology materials and take some time to discuss your work in progress, as needed. Please prepare the following:

1. If you have not already done so, complete you reading on Sixty Methodology Potholes and complete the corresponding task.

2. Read the materials on Sampling and complete the two tasks (types of sampling and sampling issues).

You should also browse through the handouts from today, and make note of any information pertinent to your group project. In particular, pay close attention to the materials on designing questionnaires.

Finally, as you continue your work on completing STEP 4 of the group projects, review the instructions carefully. Post the latest version of your protocol on your group’s blog and update as needed, including sound clips and questionnaire questions. This will make my review and feedback more efficient, especially as I will be away for most of next week. You should also read the new posting on STEP 5, which includes contact information as well as supplementary materials (e.g., Honing & Ladinig on strategies to run successful online experiments).