Switch to #3- Saliency and Groove

Does the accessability/saliency of different beats/levels enhance peoples’ perceptions of groove?

Because we are just switching to this topic, I wanted to make sure we have a firm grasp on what was suggested to us in class today and the topic as a whole;

We will be using the groove ratings from the Janata study in our readings, first getting a panel of music majors to analyze our song choices and determine how many subdivisions (levels) they can find. Next, we will have subjects perform a task of saying how many subdivisions they find present, comparing these answers to the original findings of the panel and their relation to how groovy the music is.

One thought on “Switch to #3- Saliency and Groove

  1. That’s exciting. Yes, you got the gist of it. The idea is to select excerpts from Janata & colleagues that represent at least two different levels of grooviness, and ideally in a gange of tempi. It will be good to see if you can reproduce their findings in terms of rating. Having a “panel of experts” so the analysis to determine the number of salient pulse/beat levels will give you an additional independent variable to which to compare the ratings (a new feature added on the original experiment).

    Michael, who will be helping us with creating the sound stimuli, could be one of the experts; also, he might know some program that could give us some mechanical measure of levels. It’s worth asking. Maybe Ryan can be another expert, since he is our resident expert. You might want to ask him if he has a couple colleagues that would be willing to volunteer.

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