Group Project Questions – Jordan

A couple questions I think would be interesting to explore:

I think it would be interesting to see if we could replicate findings from previous studies that suggested that musicians were more able to access different levels of pulse in music, but then take it further and see whether more/less salient and more/less apparent pulse levels contribute to peoples’ perception of groove, or desire to move to the beat.

The other question I’ve been thinking about involves the question of microtiming: we’ve seen how slight variations in timing can give music expressiveness and a more human quality, even evoking emotion in a way that more exact, robotic renditions doesn’t. This effect has a limit however; in studies with varying levels of changing microtimes, subjects chose an average as the best sounding. My question is, why is this? Why do mistakes, or inexactness, give the appearance of being more human, more intentional, more emotional? This is a finding that is found in other areas of CogSci as well, so I’d be interested to see if we can come up with a way to test why this is so, or come up with some theoretical hypotheses.

One thought on “Group Project Questions – Jordan

  1. 1st paragraph:

    There really is two questions there; the second seems more defined. It would be helpful to have these separated and stated as actual questions.

    2nd paragraph:

    “Why” is a big question that is difficult to answer in a single experiment. Maybe previous studies would offer a point of departure bu suggesting a next small step. It would be useful to look into a few studies (abstracts).

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