Group Project Question Ideas

1. What is the smallest change in the tempo of a piece in which people can identify that a change in tempo has occurred?  Does this threshold change with differing rhythms? Also, is there a difference in effect if the tempo is lowered rather than if the tempo is raised?

2. Is it easier to remember and replicate a rhythm when it is presented in the context of a human-recorded song or as a computer-generated rhythm?

One thought on “Group Project Question Ideas

  1. Regarding no. 1:

    – Some of these thresholds have been established by prior research, so this question would involve finding what has been done and doing a follow-up study focusing on a given factor (e.g., level of complexity of the rhythm).

    Regarding no. 2:

    – Would you use more than one human performance?
    – Is this about microtiming?

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