STEP 3: Literature Review – UPDATED DEADLINE!

The literature review for your individual project is now due by Monday, October 27, 12:00 PM (Virtual Lab posting & emailed PDF).

As noted in class, I am expecting the lit review to be about 4-6 pages (standard font & margins, double-spaced), not including the bibliography. Your lit review should start with an introduction that defines the topic and identifies the different strands and questions related to the topic, and how your lit review is organized. The organization of the contents should follow from how your topic subdivides itself; this is often done either topically (themes or questions within the topic) or methodologically (different research methods or paradigms used to investigate the questions related to the topic). It is also not uncommon to have a 2-tier organization. Once your lit review is completed, post a copy on your individual page, with the bibliographic citations linked to the Virtual Lab’s main Bibliography sub-wiki, and email me a PDF copy as well.

As noted previously, you should not put the project away and stop thinking about it. Make a working plan that will allow you to read the materials, have time to digest the information, and produce a well-crafted review that will keep your project on tracks.

Here are the two lit reviews I showed in class:

Repp, B. H., (2005), “Sensorimotor synchronization: A review of the tapping literature”

Repp, B. H., & Su, Y. H., (2013), “Sensorimotor synchronization: A review of recent research (2006-2012)

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