STEP 2: Preliminary Annotated Bibliography (Due October 7; Virtual Lab Posting)

Goal: Collect 10-12 directly relevant sources in preparation for your literature review (due October 16).

Suggested Process:

  1. Review my feedback on your proposal. Revise as needed.
  2. Identify a set of keywords based on the topical areas relevant to your “big” question. Pick one or two more specific questions you identified and identify a set of keywords related to these as well.
  3. Carry out your database search using these keywords and at least three scholarly databases (e.g., RILM, PsycArticles, Google Scholar, Web of Science). Based on this initial search, identify a few sources that are particularly promising and use these to identify more specific descriptors or subjects for additional searches, as well as related articles (e.g., cited articles or articles that cite these sources).
  4. After you have identified at least 3-4 promising sources, review the abstracts more closely and browse through the articles. Refine your question (or select the one question that seems to be the most promising), balancing personal interest with available research, course topic, and other practical considerations.
  5. Conduct additional searches using keywords, subjects, and other descriptors related to your revised question to complete your set. You should strive to have a variety of source types, including review articles and experimental reports as well as music-theoretical or ethnographic studies related to the different aspects of your question.
  6. Browse through your sources. Take special note how the authors discuss the topic, what are some of the issues to consider, the experimental design or empirical method used, and findings (i.e., “state of research”). How will each source contribute to your literature review? Do the sources fall into two or more categories?
  7. Prepare the preliminary annotated bibliography. The bibliographic citations should use the APA author-date format; annotations should be short but informative, and focus on how this article is related to your question and/or how you plan to use it. (You might also find it useful to collate the published abstracts.)
  8. Post your preliminary bibliography on your personalized category on the Virtual Lab with your “big” question as title.

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