STEP 1: RESEARCH QUESTION (Must be Approved by September 26)

Goal: Submit a potential question (or set of questions) on which you plan to carry-out research.


1. Identify a topical area of interest to your work as a musician, music theorist, or cognitive scientist.

2. Brainstorm: What are the big questions pertaining to this topic? What are some of the concepts and tools that have been used to explore those questions? What are the findings so far? Why should we care, i.e., what are the implications for your field of study and for the larger community? What are some issues and what is your position on these issues?

3. Identify a small set of more specific questions that you imagine you could reasonably engage within the confines of this course. You may find it helpful to also specify the methods you plan to use to explore the question.

4. Submit the question (or set of questions) by posting it in your personalized tab/category. You may also make an appointment with me for additional feedback.