New Research in Music Therapy: Disorders of Consciousness

You might be interested in this freely accessible article on some of the very latest research into Music Therapy with people with disorders of consciousness: Neurophysiological and behavioural responses to music therapy in vegetative and minimally conscious states, by Julian O’Kelly, L. James, R. Palaniappan, J. Fachner, J. Taborin, W.L. Magee, published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.

To view and download the online publication, please click here:

The paper has relevance to other conditions where complex disability or illness impact upon our ability to discern behavioural responses to music. It’s one of the first to be published in a series of papers sharing the research topic of “Music, Brain, and Rehabilitation: Emerging Therapeutic Applications and Potential Neural Mechanisms”

This article is an open access publication, so it’s freely accessible to any reader anywhere in the world.