Final Assignments

Almost there!

First of the final assignments: Safe travels, rest, and enjoy your family!

I did my self-assigned homework and double-checked Yale regulations for coursework completion for each of your respective college/school, which was only mildly informative, and not very useful:

Department of Music (from Graduate Handbook): “All work is normally due by the end of the semester, although some instructors may extend due dates into January…” Technically, the end of the semester is the last day of Final Examinations (Tuesday, December 17). Grades are due on January 3, so I’m willing to accept work until Monday, December 23, unless there are serious extenuating circumstances.

Yale College: Technically, all coursework must be submitted by the end of Reading Period (Wednesday, December 11); however, given that the course is listed as a graduate course, and that it meets during Reading Period (at which time both of you will be giving final presentations), I think that it makes most sense for the work to be due at the same time as it is due for graduate students (Tuesday, December 17).

School of Music: All coursework must be completed by Friday, December 20.

Here is a shortlist of what’s left for the end of the semester:

1. Individual Projects: (For more specific details, refer to the “Individual Projects” front page.)

Draft: Hand this in as soon as possible; ideally I would like to meet with each of you individually to go over the draft and before the final is due. Drafts are due at the latest on the day of your final presentation (12/5 or 12/12). If you are planning to submit a conference proposal based on your final project, you should include an abstract (most conferences require a 350-500 words proposal, although some ask for up to 3 pages of text plus figures).

Final: Specific expectations for the contents of the final project will be determined based on the special nature of each project and the draft. All final projects are due as detailed above.

2. Group Projects: (For more specific details, refer to the “Group Projects” front page.)

Data analysis & preliminary findings: Data collection is just about to begin, and we will collect data for about 10 days. If you would like to have a preliminary set of data sent to you, email Shashank ( with your request; make sure to copy all your group members and myself to your request. This will be helpful to get oriented, experiment with formatting and analysis, and to divide the data analysis tasks between group members. Right now, I am thinking that we will officially close the data collection for the two group pilots on Thursday, December 5, but I am open to suggestions.

Report: Unless you have a schedule conflict because of class meetings during Reading Period, all group members are expected to participate in presenting their pilot study (including the preliminary findings) in Prof. Quinn’s Music Cognition class on Monday, December 9, 2:30-3:45pm. If you are not able to be physically present, you will still be expected to contribute to the contents of the presentation (i.e., prepare one or more slides).

Structured Abstract: To be completed by all group members (see details on “Group Projects” front page); must be completed by Tuesday, December 17. The structured abstract can serve as the basis for a conference proposal; if you are interested to pursue this option, please let me know as soon as possible.

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  1. Hi, Ève,

    Peter, Stef, and I have seminar with GT on Monday Dec. 9th @ 3:30, so we will have to leave just a little before the bell.

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