Week 10 Assignment

Continuation of two items:

1. Individual projects: Due to the delays in setting up the group projects on the online platform, we now have an extra class meeting to use for the class presentations of preliminary findings. Review the instructions are posted on the Individual Projects front page. You might also want to review the handout on “Writing an Empirical Paper” (prepared by David Huron); the format it describes can be adapted to your specific project.

Presentation schedule:

November 14: Peter, Stephen, Stefanie

November 21: Greta, Chris, Andrew, Julia

2. Group projects: I have heard from Shashank that the updates are almost completely finished and that there is only one wrinkle left to sort out, but that this will not be done until this coming Thursday. I have asked her to upload your sound files on the platform so that you can do a final test run as soon as possible. Make sure to re-test your experiment promptly once it is up. In preparation for the next step (statistical analysis), you may want to attend the Data Visualization workshop at the Statistics Lab. Remember that for this project, only descriptive statistics are required; however, if a member of your group has experience with statistical methods, you may endeavor to use inferential statistics (see Step 5 on the Group Projects front page, which includes references to supplementary materials on classes*v2).