Week 9 Assignment

1. The most important task over the next two weeks will be to advance your research for your individual project. To provide some incentive, I have planned for you to do a “preliminary findings” presentation during class on 11/14; specific details will be posted soon on the Individual Projects front page. You might also want to review the handout on “Writing an Empirical Paper” (prepared by David Huron); the format it describes can be adapted to your specific project. NOTE: It is not too early to pick a final presentation date. If you have a preference (12/5 or 12/12), email me! (Final projects are due on 12/17.)

2. Readings: There are no required general readings for next week, but you might want to review the “Rhythmic Complexity Abstracts” in preparation for class.

3. Student-led discussion: Asymmetrical rhythms (Peter); check the Forum for instructions.

4. Group projects: This is on the back burner for a couple weeks; make sure to respond quickly to any query from Shashank (Mary’s assistant), and test your experiment promptly once it is up (see Step 4 on the Group Projects front page). She will be contacting your group’s contact (Stefanie & Stephen) when it is ready. In preparation for the next step, review the handout on Measurement Scales, complete the Group Task #12 (individually), and review the general remarks on Statistical Tests. Remember that for this project, only descriptive statistics are required; however, if a member of your group has experience with statistical methods, you may endeavor to use inferential statistics (see Step 5 on the Group Projects front page).