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I would like to explore the concept of joint drumming and its social implications.  My original interest in this subject stems from music therapy research that uses drumming and improvisation in a group setting for therapeutic gains.  There has been research in this regard with respect to many subjects, including Autism Spectrum Disorder, PTSD, aggression and sexual offender rehabilitation.  I would like to examine the various examples of drumming in music therapy contexts along with evidence of its social effects in general, and perhaps ethnomusicological research into group drumming in various cultures, with the goal of understanding the breadth of drumming’s social effect and musical and rhythmic underpinnings of this effect.  With more preliminary research, this question will become more specific–once I am more aware of the field as a whole I can focus on a more defined aspect of it for my research.

One thought on “Individual Project Question

  1. This is certainly a rich subject, and you will need to refine it as some point, and as you note, the preliminary research will help. Given the interdisciplinary aspect of the course, I would encourage you to go out of the comfort zone of psychological and music therapy research and take the time to explore the ethnomusicological literature. You might find that some of the terminology is different, so let me know if you are having trouble identifying sources that are relevant.

    At this point, one element to keep in mind in preparing the proposal is what you imagine the final product will be (i.e., mainly a lit review of something else?).

    Let me know if you would like to meet. Either way, you can post your “findings” as you go and I will provide feedback periodically.

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