Week 5 Assignment

1. Readings: No general readings! Use the time to delve even more deeply into the background research for your group experiment.

2. Student-led discussion: Embodiment & (e)motion (Stephen); check the Forum blog for instructions.

3. Individual Project: If you have not posted a preliminary research question on your individual project tab (a “category”), please do so as soon as possible. I will respond to your post with suggestions on how to proceed.

4. Group experiments: Move on to “Step 2: Background Research” as described on the “group projects” page. Use your private group project website for all discussions and for gathering materials pertaining to your group project. I will review these periodically and provide feedback as necessary. You may edit the look of the page as you wish and add sections as needed, but keep the basic frame as provided.

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  1. Thanks to all for submitting your individual research questions. I have finished reviewing them and put comments in the reply boxes. Please let me know if you have any questions; proposals are due 10/10 (detailed instructions are on the main page).

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