Week 1 Assignments

Below is the list of tasks for this week; also, if you know someone you think might be interested in this course (even from a different department), please let them know about it! It would be nice to add a few more bodies… and minds to the group.

1. Readings: Both articles listed on the syllabus for September 5; preliminary response on Huron to be posted on Virtual Lab’s Forum by Tuesday, 11:59 PM.

2. Topical area selection: Last chance to change your mind about your selected topical area for the student-led discussion!

3. Review of music cognition journals: Follow the steps listed in the “Journals” page of “Resources”. Only step 1 is due for now, but you might want to get ahead and start browsing through the most current issue (or the next most current, if it doesn’t contain enough rhythm-related articles).

4.Student questionnaire: Fill-out and bring with you to the next class meeting.

5. Continuation of “Defining Musical Temporality” activities:

a. Review the document titled “Some Theoretical Foundations of Musical Rhythm.” We will  not discuss this in class, but you should know about these theorists and their conceptual framework.

b. Listen to one more piece from the listening list (these are available on classes*v2). What terms from the list (“Activity 2”) would allow for a fruitful investigation of musical rhythm in this piece? What are some of the questions that are raised by thinking about rhythm and the experience of musical time or “temporality”  (e.g., time perspective, time sense, duration judgment) in this particular work? How would someone define musical rhythm based on this work alone? Post a brief commentary on the Forum blog with the work title as the header. You may also read your colleagues’ commentary and respond to them.

c. Complete “Activity 3” in the handout. We will review this at the beginning of next class.