Review of Music Cognition Journals

To familiarize yourself with the scope of publications available in the field of music cognition, I invite each of you to conduct a guided review of a different journal devoted at least in part to the study of music cognition topics. This review will take the form of posting on this page and a brief critical summary of current journal issue(s) that you will present in class at a later date. Here are the steps:

1. Visit the journals listing on Music Cognition U. ( and pick one journal you would to review. Create a posting of this journal’s website on this page (this will insure that nobody else picks the same). NOTE: If you are not sure how to create a new post, please refer to Pam Patterson’s handout (available on classes*v2).

2. Browse through the most current issue of the journal (most of these should be available on Yale’s electronic journals database, but you might also have to take a trip to the library). What are some general characteristics of the topics investigated? Take special note of music-related (rhythm and non-rhythm) articles.

3. Read through the abstracts of the rhythm-related articles in that issue; if there are less than 3, go back one issue until you find at least 3. For each of these, think about the following questions: What is the larger question, i.e., what aspect of (our experience of) musical rhythm is being explored? What is the specific hypothesis? How is it operationalized? What are the findings? How are these findings related back to the initial question? What are some of the limitations identified by the researcher(s)?

4. Browse through as much of the articles as necessary to answer the questions above and write a brief critical summary of your observations that uses specific examples from the sample articles to make your point. You don’t need to present all the information gathered, but only enough to prepare a cogent presentation to your colleagues (10 minutes + 5 minutes for questions).

5. Present your summary to the class (date TBA) and revise your posting on this page to include a few highlights.