EBRAMUS: Europe, BRAin and MUSic


EBRAMUS has been investigating an attractive, promising new research avenue at the intersection of neuroscience, the human sciences and new technologies: can music boost sensory, cognitive and motor development in normal and impaired children and adults? The project assesses this issue in an integrative way by combining behavioural, neurophysiological, neuropsychological and computational methods. Three research topics cover both basic and clinical research, using music in the rehabilitation of various patient populations and the elderly. The 1st topic focuses on the rehabilitation of auditory functions and language deficits, the 2nd focuses on the benefits of music for more general cognitive functions (learning, memory) and the 3rd on timing behaviour and the use of music in motor rehabilitation. The overall project aims to increase our understanding of brain functioning and to impact on clinical and educational applications – developing new diagnostic tools, training and rehabilitation techniques, also leading to industrial developments – and new music technology for the general public.

Another Experiment on Groove!

Andy Saroff (Computer Science, Dartmouth College) is evaluating several algorithms that measure the groove similarity of songs. For the purpose of this study, I have used the definition of groove posed by Petr Janata, Stefan Tomic, and Jason Haberman (2011):

The groove is that aspect of the music that induces a pleasant sense of wanting to move along with the music.

I have set up a web site for making pairwise comparisons of short (western-biased) musical examples. I would greatly appreciate any participation in this survey.

You can submit as many or as few comparisons as you like. You can complete portions of the survey in multiple sittings. The browser will remember where you left off (assuming you don’t delete your browser cookies).

The survey is located at the following website:


Feel free to forward the site to any of your students or colleagues. Thanks in advance for your help… If you want more info, visit the site or email him directly: